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"Riding to the Meadow"
(Rural Midwest -- 1900's to 1950's)
Medium: Steel Bar   Created: 2005   Dimensions: 8'h x 16.5'w x 9'd
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This sculpture "Riding to the Meadow" has two children riding the heavy work horses to the meadow where their father is going to mow. When they get to the meadow, they will walk back to the house. They may even take their shoes off to feel the dust of the farm machine road. It doesn't sound like much entertainment, but they enjoy it. Of course the family dog will accompany them out and back. They must take the dog back with them because a sickle mower isn't particular. It might be unnecessary to mention this, but one of the neighbors had a three-legged dog.

In these horse-drawn mowing machines the power came from the wheels unlike today's farm equipment where the motor power goes to the wheels. I've tried to suggest this wheel power through the angle of the spokes and the lugs. True, the old mowing machine's spokes and lugs were not angled. However, let us not forget this an artistic representation of the horses, children, man, dog, and mower.

The steel used in this sculpture is all inch or thicker. Therefore, it should last a very long time - rusting through the centuries.

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