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"Don Quixote"
Medium: Steel Plate and Steel Framework with Concrete Siding   Created: 1991
Dimensions: Don  9'h x 18'w x 4'd    Sancho  8'h x 8'w x 4'd    Windmill is 25'h
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In this design, there has been an attempt to make Quixote and Rocinante sharp and angular and Sancho and his donkey soft and rounded. At this point in the charge, free-reined Rocinante has a plan; she feels the lance touching the tip of her ear and calculates that if she continues galloping to the left, they will miss the windmill. However, an idealistic, deluded, and tricky Don Quixote, at the last moment, swings his lance to the right and catches the mill blade. Sancho Panza is shouting at Quixote that is not a monstrous giant, but a windmill. Even though Sancho is beating his donkey to make him run faster, the donkey seems to realize that a trot will take them to Quixote and Rocinante's disaster fast enough. The primary design of the windmill is octagons. No, it doesn't pump water. There are many men from La Mancha with the "impossible dream."

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