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"Coming 'Round the Bend"
Medium: Steel Bar   Created: 1988   Dimensions: 8'h x 30'w x 4'd

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This scene is based on an old miniature silhouette by K.W. Diefenbach called "Such a Race." Notice that the goat, driver, boy on the back of the cart, dog, monkey on the bicycle, and the pixie have their own individual size of iron bar. Even though the one inch high black silhouette suggested movement well, it showed no details. I had to check what a goat harness looked like in a 1902 Sears catalog. A lady from Colorado said she likes this kind of sculpture because it is “not heavy or bulky,” but “They’re airy, they breathe.” I thought that the "breathing" might be a little too poetic, but I liked her saying it.

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