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"April Storm: Lightning and Thunder"
Medium: Steel Bar and Plate    Dimensions: 9' h
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The idea for this sculpture came to me when I was standing on a darkening hill watching magnificent black pompous clouds of lightning and thunder build-up from the southwest.  After the splatter if lightning on the ground and blasting of thunder, huge rain drops presaged a downpour.

When I think of a lightning storm, I am reminded of the scenes of Huck and Jim on an island in the river or King Lear on a heath: "Rumble thy bellyful.  Spit, fire.  Spout, rain!"  However, I must admit that to say that this sculpture is a description of Twain's or Shakespeare's storm might be a bit of a stretch.  All I can say about the bird at the top is that it seems to be warranted whimsy.

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