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"A Boy and his Catch"
Medium: Steel Bar    Dimensions: 5.5' h
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Early in my "career" as a sculptor, I did this piece.  I thought that it turned out rather well and was full of myself.  I wrote the following:

I know that it sounds a little arrogant but I want my own style of sculpture.  When creating my own style of sculpture, I can't listen to other people very much because they want to tell me how it has been done, implying that is how it should be done.

My presumptuous assumption is that if the steel and welding technology had existed in their time, both Rodin and Michelangelo would have at least tried it.  Certainly Leonardo would have -- it is a wonder that he didn't try to invent it.

I guess we all try to justify our own endeavors and existence in one way or another.  Some people try to do it by accumulating wealth, some by making it from one pay check to the next, and some even by trying to create their own style of sculpture.

Because the pieces are three-dimensional linear, they must reflect that which is being represented from all directions.  Where the lines (or bars) meet, the bends with and against the flat of the bar suggest the subject, and the proportionate size of the bar -- all must be considered.  The far side of the piece must be consistent with the near side so that it will complement the side that one is looking at it from.

In as few lines as possible the bars should delineate the mass of the object, the muscle force, the movement, and sometimes an emotion or attitude.

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