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"The Peerless Princes of the Plains"
West Douglas Avenue and Waco Street
Wichita, Kansas

Medium: Steel Plate   Created: 2010   Dimensions: 14'h

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The origin of the Princess sculpture goes back many years to around 1887 when the editor of the Eagle, Marshall M. Murdock, promoted the greatness of Wichita by naming the city The Peerless Princess of the Plains.  A hundred years later, there were centennial articles in the newspaper about the Princess.  The name stayed with me and a little later I sculpted my version of her for the Hill.

As far as the structure of the sculpture itself, some people find a visual harmony in its repetition of similarly shaped pieces of different size.  A friend of mine said that it reminded him of the musical repetitions in Bach composition.  Few know what that comparison means, but I kind of like it.

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